Monday, 26 November 2007

RICHARD FREEMAN: More about the red faced dwarfs...

Richard has just eMailed us:

"We are now in Georgetown.

Prior to flying back we met an old rubber tapper in the tiny airport at Lethem. He told us that he too had see one of the little red faced men or 'bush men'. He was a boy and was out hunting with his father (he is 59 now) when he saw a tiny red faced man looking at him through the undergrowth. He, unlike the other witnesses, thought that it had hairy skin. This may indicate it might have been wearing somthing rather than going naked as the other witnessses said. He also said it ran off on all fours.

Could this have been a red faced black spider monkey? They don't occur in this part of the country now, as it is too arid. I suppose we will never know for sure.

Spent some time back in Damon's village. I spoke with Foster's father, Joseph. He had heard of the DiDi but had never seen one. He said that befor the village was errected the red faced men were known in the area. They liked to wrestle humans and were very strong. The way to defeat one was to topple it over as it had no knees and could not rise up again (once again the legs not bending motif). His father told him that a water tiger once lived in a cave in the area. It was large and dark furred. It was supposed to be dangerous. The largest anaconda he had seen was 23 feet. It had been washed into the village by floods about ten years ago."

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