Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Groovy gaming gonzo gubbins


The first of the dedicated gaming publications get on board...

As part of their UK promotion for the release of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on PSP, capcom are sponsoring a real life monster hunt in Guyana, for the "di-di" and the 40ft Anaconda.

The search will begin in November, with the Centre of Fortean Zoology (CFZ) experts in tracking down strange beasts such as the saliva spitting 'Death Worm' and the 'Ninki Nanka'. Did I say 'tracking down'? That would imply they've actually found such gruesome wonders. However, the CFZ seem to know their subject matter very well, and so describe the Di-Di as a hairy ape-like creature with sharp claws, capable of killing cattle. According to them, the Di-Di is potentially a ground Sloth species thought to be extinct.

Yeah well. We won't be holding our breaths.

PSPworld - USA

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