Monday, 10 September 2007

And of course, snakes that cuss you bad...

So far, nobody has picked up on the fact that the expedition includes the one and only Paul Rose , aka `Mr Biffo`, a man who in his own anarchic way is one of the funniest writers in the UK today.

Richard and I have both been massive fans of Biffo for years, and when he joined up to the CFZ earlier this year, we lost no time in inviting him to tea. Over copious amounts of margaritas we hatched a plan to send him along on a CFZ expedition to write it up in his own initable style.

His blog-me-do includes this inky fingered report on his involvement with the project..

PS. Snakes that cuss you bad..

Amongst the stable of characters Biffo
created for the late mented Digitiser on C4 teletext were The Snakes - A pair of beatboxing snakes, which would argue in a manner similar to that of Ali G (but pre-dating him by some years). Led to the catchphrase "I Cuss You Bad", along with the use of the word "Skank".

Paul is now off in search of some real life snakes, that we hope will not cuss him bad...