Sunday, 25 November 2007


"Well done Guys"

Graham Inglis writes:

"Aafter hearing of the trials and tribulations being endured by the Guyana expedition the regulars at the CFZ’s local bar demonstrated their support for the intrepid team. Today saw an international flavour at the Farmer’s Arms, where the punters wore Japanese tshirts promoting the expedition, and CAPCOM - a computer games company whose funding enabled 5 British lads and lasses (well, one lass) to explore the wildlands of Guyana.

Following news various injuries, including a broken thumb, heatstroke, and a “manky” foot, but celebrating the successes of the expedition, Allan and Jennie pulled pints of lager for us back at base to drink to their health.

A number of locals enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon drink were surprised when we arrived with a big box of tshirts but entered into the spirit of the thing and donned them.....

(See Press Release below)

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